Complete Works

The Complete Works collection - 19 volumes of improvised talks by Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov, synthesizing Eastern and Western spiritual traditions

An Aquarian teaching offering practical wisdom for the here and now

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A New Earth - Methods, Exercises, Formulas and Prayers
A great many people today feel the need for some practical methods that will help them to grow spiritually.A New Erth responds to that need. It contains a number of simple, effective, spiritual exercises taken from the thousands of lectures given by the Master Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov over a perio..
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Fruits of the Tree of Life
  The Sephirotic Tree, the Tree of Life of the Cabbalah, is an image of the universe, inhabited by God and impregnated with His quintessence. It represents the divine life which circulates throughout the whole of creation. Here is a system which prevents you from becoming dispersed in yo..
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'Meditate on harmony, love it, long for it so as to introduce it into your every gesture, every look, every word. Let the word "harmony" impregnate you; keep it within you as a kind of pitch pipe, and when you are feeling worried or upset, take it out and listen to it and do nothing until your wh..
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Hrani Yoga - The alchemical and magical meaning of nutrition
‘The foods we eat every day obviously contain life, but they don’t yet possess the spirit. So we must, when we eat, concentrate on the food so that our spirit participates in this act. On eating the food, the spirit impregnates our own matter which it transforms, enlightens and regenerates .’ ..
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Know Thyself- Jnana Yoga  Part 1
‘“Know thyself” was the maxim inscribed on the pediment of the temple at Delphi. What is this ‘self’ that we have to know? Is it a question of knowing our own vices and virtues, our strengths and weaknesses? No: to know oneself is to know the different bodies (the physical, etheric, mental, causa..
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Know Thyself- Jnana Yoga part 2
Know thyself! All science and all wisdom lies in knowing oneself, in finding oneself, in the fusion of one's lower self with one's higher self. The symbol of the initiate who has succeeded in finding himself is the serpent with its tail in its mouth. A serpent forms a straight or wavy line, and a..
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Life and Work in an Initiatic School - Training for the Divine (Part 1)
We are here between the four walls of this room at the Bonfin, but we are also in the town of Fréjus. Fréjus is in the Var; the Var is in France; France is in Europe, and Europe is one of the continents on earth. The earth belongs to the family of planets in the solar system; the solar system bel..
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Love and Sexuality - Part 1
This book could change your life. It provides the key to your evolution as a human being, as a child of God. This book explains that by simply gratifying your sensual nature, you feed only your lower self - which is limited in consciousness and which can never bring true joy or fulfillment. It sh..
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Love and Sexuality - Part 2
There are several possible attitudes towards love. You can eat it, you can drink it, and you can breathe it, but you can also live in it. Those who eat love remain on the physical plane and are never fully satisfied because they are content with pleasures of a lower order. The pleasures of those ..
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On The Art Of Teaching - from the Initiatic Point of View
Parents and teachers have every material means at their disposal for the proper education of children, but they still lack the means of regenerating humanity. This is what the Teaching of the Universal White Brotherhood brings us: the means parents need to bring healthy, gifted children into the ..
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Spiritual Alchemy
True Alchemy does not consist in the spectacular transmutation of base metals into gold, but in the spiritual transmutation of man's own matter. Grains of sand are transformed into pearls; summer sees twisted, blackened vine-stocks burst into leaf and bow beneath the weight of their grapes; cater..
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The Key - to the problems of existence
  This book shows us that our 'personality', that inner force of which we are all aware and which so often leads us astray, can be a precious ally rather than an enemy. Instead of waging a losing battle against our lower nature, we can learn to control and use it to..
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